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If you’re looking for inspiration on things you can do that are good for you and the environment, you’ve come to the right place. Hubbub are a charity that create environmental campaigns with a difference. They design positive and  playful campaigns that inspire people to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices, which more often than not […]

Zero-Waste Solutions: Buying Products Package-Free!

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1. The JarTree: A zero-waste store arrives in Leeds! Zero-waste shops have been popping up with increasing frequency all over the UK. The idea is that you can buy products package-free and you only have to buy what you need, therefore in theory nothing has to go to landfill! You simply bring your reusable container, […]


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With busy schedules we’re eating and drinking more and more whilst on the move. Last year alone we spent a whopping £17.4 billion on food and drink to eat on the go in the UK. It stacks up to about 13 billion plastic bottles, 9 billion drinks and 2.5 billion coffee cups every year! That’s a whole […]

Meet the Marine Conservation Society

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The Marine Conservation Society is the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. For over thirty years MCS has been the voice for the sea for all the fascinating creatures that live beneath the waves, for our breath-taking coastal environment, for all those who make a sustainable living from the […]

Plastic Free Me

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JOIN OUR MISSION AGAINST DISPOSABLE PLASTICS – we support small local changes for lasting global impact. It is predicted that, by 2050, plastics will outweigh fish in our oceans. It is estimated that over half of the plastic that the world consumes is used just once. This equates to around 150 million tonnes of plastic […]