Human Aquarium Feedback

Jellyfish by artist Rachel Rea. Photo by Lizzie Coombes

6543 visited the aquarium in 12 days. Youngest participant 12 weeks ( Noah) whose mum said it was a really calming atmosphere for babies. We have had some brilliant comments and discussions with people. One of our younger viewers Oliver aged 2 loved it and it’s his first art exhibition. Glad to be spreading the message of plastic free living as well as showing that art can be fun, accessible and interesting whether you are 2 or 80! Thank you for all your comments and for visiting us. here is some of what you said!

“Very important! Really love the idea and concept! It’s an amazing way to get people to notice these issues. When you think deeply it’s disturbing and beautiful. “

Trash island – 1500 bottles collected by Good Food Company prepared and cleaned by Yorkshire life aquatic. Photo by Lizzie Coombes.

“A tranquil and educational surprise break from the city – creating awareness of the plastic problem for my two young boys!”

Octopus by Plastic Free Youth. Photo by @hellobrightling – Man Brightening

“Incredibly inspiring on such an important issue. I feel so proud of this exhibition because this is what’s going to make a change.” – Huma

The Human Aquarium – design by Institute for Crazy Dancing. Lighting by Lens &…. Photo by Lizzie Coombes

“Amazing. Very creative. Love it! “

Informative installation. Nice to get local children involved too!

Photo by Lizzie Coombes of photography ( on wall) by Tom Martin. Human Aquarium Exhibition Leeds.

“An informative and thought-provoking exhibition for children and adults alike. Really made me think of the impact we have on the planet.” xxx

Film by Mai Brightling @hellobrightling of the Human Aquarium. Photographs by Lizzie Coombes. Artist work by Institute for Crazy Dancing, Lens and Chisel, Immortal Bloom, Vis Com students at leeds Art University and Yorkshire Life Aquatic

“Super cool! Massive eye opener. Had a good impact!”

“Really interesting! Loved this exhibition! Thank you, I learned a lot.” Hope and Zara x