Human Aquarium Team

In keeping with our ethos, this project is all about people and what they can create together. With that in mind, here is a little about the amazing team we worked with….

Institute for Crazy Dancing craft extraordinary places in unusual places for people of all persuasions. With meticulous planning and a close attention to details, ICD producer of participatory art, Jason Hird, created a design and space that pulled all the elements of the aquarium together into one cohesive journey.

Lens and... aka Adam Glatherine is a light artist and that he is. With attention to the minutia of what light can do to bring spaces and this case especially artworks to life, Adam specially designed and built beautiful aquarium lights to focus on and highlight each of the photographs and the space. If high and bespoke quality is what you after, then Lens &…are the perfect artists to light up your space.

Immortal Bloom and the talented Rachel Rea work in recycling and up-cycling of disposable resources – mixed media materials such as key-kegs, and polyester based textile. Rachel made the beautiful jellyfish and aquatic coral sculpture displayed as part of the exhibition. Immortal Bloom are inspired by the Jelly Fish who, are a species that are highly adaptive and re-generative that can survive any aquatic wasteland.

Plastic Free Me To spread awareness of the global plastic crisis, and create a network of like-minded people, passionate about protecting the planet from plastic. With Plastic Free Youth, they created the Forever Octopus which has been such a hit in our exhibition

We are Yorkshire Life Aquatic. We also create performances and participatory activities on land and in water – from parks to pools, beaches to roads and even fountains. We create work that highlights issues that matter to people and their environments – to illuminate important issues with creativity and a little sparkle. We are a female lead company and make work that empowers people (especially women) to feel free and fabulous in their own skin.