Small Changes | Guide and Listing

small changes guide - help the dolphins be happier

Small changes can make a huge difference. Below we have put together a few lists and ideas to inspire you to create a ripple in the world.

Maybe you have heard that there is a Climate Emergency? We need to reduce our carbon footprint really dramatically if we want things to get better. And it really only takes a little change to make a big difference. And even big corporations are trying to go greener. Of course , they will only do this is it makes sense for profits. And we can all put more pressure on businesses to do better. Whether that is complaining about products wrapped in plastic or switching to greener options. And remember, every step taken has an effect. Or to put it another way: “You think you are just a drop in the ocean, but look at the ripple effect one drop can make.” Click here for our Small Action, Big Changes Guide – 7 step guide to reducing waste and single use plastic! This gives you seven easy ways to reduce your impact and actually save you money too!

Click here for our Eco Business Listings Eco-Businesses and organisations in your local area / further afield doing things to make a difference through small changes. You can support them by buying from them or take on some of the suggested eco ideas. They can support you in your journey to a greener and more eco friendly planet.