Reduce your Waste in 7 Simple Steps.

Take these 7 simple actions to reduce your waste.

We often find it difficult to recycle and reduce our waste because life is already hectic. We may feel guilty about this or perhaps confused. Similarly, one might get irritated. Here are 7 simple tips to reduce your waste and make a big difference.

  1. Firstly, you can switch to reusable cups and bottles to reduce your waste. Did you know that coffee cups are made of part plastic even though they look like they are paper? Hence, if you use your own travel cup it is a huge help. Get started with this guide on switching to reusable cups.
  2. Secondly, check what you can recycle where you live and work by entering your postcode here. Like me, you may find the rules about what is and is not recyclable very confusing. With this link, your problem is solved.
  3. Thirdly, rinse before recycling – as wrong items, or leftover food and liquid could make a whole batch go to waste.
  4. Always remember to recycle your coffee cups at any Costa, McDonald’s and Starbucks store.
  5. Furthermore, you can send back your empty toothpaste and toothbrushes/ toothbrush heads to Colgate Recycling. You can also drop these items off at EcoTopia in Leeds.
  6. Alternatively, make ECO-BRICKS out of the packaging you can’t recycle. Are you uncertain what you can recycle? Go back to tip 2 to find out.
  7. Finally, did you you can buy clothes second hand and at charity stores? Even better, you can go somewhere like Leeds Clothes Exchange. There you get amazing new clothes that are free AND you let go of those clothes you don’t need anymore.

Yorkshire Life Aquatic and ‘The Human Aquarium’ are proud to be partnered with The World Cetacean Alliance and Plastic-Free Me, working together to help cetaceans and our environment. If you would like to find out how you could support us. Please contact for more details.

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