Small Action, Big Changes: Simple suggestions to reuse, reduce and recycle.

Simple Actions

Turtle sat on many many plastic bottles on a beach

Good for the planet, good for wellbeing and your bank balance.

Here are a few ideas to explore. Many of the ideas will save you money, get you socially connected as well as being good for the planet. They explore ways to consume less, grow more, connect to your local community and get out in nature.

One –Join Climate Action Leeds or one of their local climate hubs and get involved in local community climate work in Leeds.

Two –Use Less – using less plastic is a very simple affordable way to take action. You can switch to reusable cups and bottles to reduce your waste. Did you know that most single use hot drink cups are made of part plastic even though they look like they are paper, and need complicated processing to recycle? So your own travel cup it is a huge help. Get started with this guide on switching to reusable cups.

Three – Switch to a high ethically-rated energy supplier, as these organisations are investing in wind turbines and solar farms, and taking other measures to help customers reduce their energy use ( like Good Energy, Octopus, Cooperative). You can even invest in energy solutions at Ripple.

Four – Invest in solutions ( if you have the budget). This could be as simple as swapping to a bank that doesn’t invest in environmental polluters – where you do and do not put your money matters. Two high street banks that have a good ethical rating are Nationwide and the Cooperative. Or you could Sponsor a kelp farm like Karbon Capture. Kelp farms protect coasts against flooding, improve biodiversity in the oceans and absorb tonnes of carbon.

Five – Get your green fingers on. Join Feed Leeds a sustainable growing network in Leeds. From growing workshops to little veg libraries to Incredible edible there are lots of ways to grow stuff even for those with no garden space.

Six – Buy second hand. For digital stuff buying refurbished equipment creates less need for the mining of metals used to build digital equipment. Read more about the environmental consequences here. For clothing, instead of buying new, buy second hand or you can go somewhere like Leeds Clothes Exchange. Think about selling or swapping clothes or other items you no longer want. Your trash is someone else’s treasure and vice versa.

Seven – Immerse yourself in nature. This might be sitting in a park, riding or walking by the canal – inn Yorkshire we are lucky to have so many beautiful nature spots to visit. Whatever you choose, getting out in nature will likely help you feel happier and more connected to the planet. And taking action starts with motivation because we most effectively act on the things that matter to us. What matters to you?

Eight – Change how you travel. Walk, wheel or cycle. Take the bus or train to save up to 70% energy. Car share. Share journeys with others. Saves you money, gets you fitter, connects you to other people. Less petrol and diesel on the road equals better air quality too. And people and bicycles don’t reduce road quality.

Illustration of  aquatic creatures and plants being captured in plastic bottles. Pale blue background

Yorkshire Life Aquatic and ‘The Human Aquarium’ are proud to be partnered with The World Cetacean Alliance and Plastic-Free Me, working together to help cetaceans and our environment. If you would like to find out how you could support us. Please contact for more details.

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