Reframing Environmentalism

By Humanadmin

A short film to reframe environmentalism: the importance of including all voices in the conversation; the need to look at people as well as things, the fundamental links between Social and Environmental justice. (This film was made by Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA.)

Other Useful Links about Intersectional Environmentalism:

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Other environmentalists to check out ( well be doing a spotlight on some of these over the next few months) include: Majora Carter ( Green is the new Black), John Francis ( Planet walker) , Carolyn Finney ( Black Faces, White Spaces) , Wangari Mathai ( The Green Belt. movement), Dr Vandana Shiva ( Oil not soil), Jeanne Kayembe ( Black Queer thought leader), Enrique Penlarosa ( urban green environmental/social transformation in Bogota), Theatre gates ( potter, city planner and activist), MarVynne Betsch, Colonel Charles Young ( park ranger), Brenda Palms Barber ( Sweet Beginnings), Christopher Bradshaw (car-lite advocate).