On the Sixth Day of Christmas…

By Humanadmin

Three videos from the Oceanic Preservation Society : ILLUminations, Projecting Change and Racing Extinction. More about OPS here. “We need to highjack the worlds attention. When we are talking about losing all of nature, its not a spectator sport anymore. If you can reach people, you can change them.” http://www.opsociety.org

On the Second Day there were Giant Turtles…

By Humanadmin

Ah yes no turtle doves in this post but instead Giant Turtles. An estimated 110 million years is how long sea turtles have existed on Earth, which means they once shared the planet with T-Rex and other dinosaurs. They can also hold their breath for 5 hours. To accomplish this mighty feat they slow their […]

Spotlight on Dawn Woolley

By Humanadmin

Do you consider yourself to be environmental activist/ artivist? I wouldn’t describe myself as an environmental artist as such, because my work critiques consumer culture more broadly. Recent work has considered ideas of waste and the environmental impact of consumption but other work also considers the impact on the body and the identity of the […]