Real Junk Food Project

By Humanadmin

Real Junk Food Project are a global, organic network of Pay As You Feel concepts. Founded by Adam Smith. More info here.

They divert surplus edible food destined for waste and make it accessible for human consumption.

They believe it is a human right to have access to food and the scale and senselessness of food waste has to stop. They believe this needs to happen in our lifetime, to ensure that the next generation do not suffer because of our ignorance.

PAYF cafes are simply places where intercepted food is prepared and served to anyone who wants to come and eat.

People pay as they feel with their money or time to help cover the costs of intercepting and redistributing the excess food, and running the cafe itself.

And they’re all different! Check with your local projects to see when you can pop in to eat or to help. Find your nearest Cafes here