Zero-Waste Solutions: Buying Products Package-Free!

By Humanadmin

1. The JarTree: A zero-waste store arrives in Leeds!

Zero-waste shops have been popping up with increasing frequency all over the UK. The idea is that you can buy products package-free and you only have to buy what you need, therefore in theory nothing has to go to landfill! You simply bring your reusable container, such as a jar or tupperware, weigh out your products and pay. The JarTree is the first zero-waste shop to open in Leeds and we’re thrilled to finally have one in the city where Plastic-Free Me was conceived. The store is centrally located in the beautiful Kirkgate Market and stocks a huge range of plastic-free products including staple foods, washing powder, bathroom products and so much more (you can find a full product list here). Plastic free Me  interviewed Aimee and Ian to find out more about them and  the store here.

2.  EcoTopia is the second zero waste shop in Leeds City Centre.

It’s in the Central Arcade and is the brainchild of two Leeds friends, Samantha Newton and Michelle Arthur. Like most of us, they were once blind to the problems of plastics, but the viral posts on social media made them change their ways – and that was when they realised how difficult it was to shop plastic-free. Samantha told us, “Avoiding plastic is insanely difficult, so we’ve looked around for loose food stores, only to find there are only a handful of tiny shops (or sections of shops) mentioned in the north of England! We have done our best with trying to lower our levels of waste, but it was unfortunately still a problem for others who see no other options available.” More information from Yorkshire Evening Post here and the full interview by Leeds-List here  

Grab a container and pay them a visit the next time you need to pick up your essentials…

EcoTopia, Unit 8, Central Arcade, Briggate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 6DX. It’s open 10am to 5pm Monday to Wednesday, 10am to 6pm Thursday to Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sundays.

3. SeaGulls Refill.

Now a place to refill out of the city centre. Located on Kirkstall Road Seagulls newly opened refill centre is fantastic.