Plastic Free Me

By Humanadmin

JOIN OUR MISSION AGAINST DISPOSABLE PLASTICS – we support small local changes for lasting global impact.

It is predicted that, by 2050, plastics will outweigh fish in our oceans. It is estimated that over half of the plastic that the world consumes is used just once. This equates to around 150 million tonnes of plastic every year being used for just a few minutes; yet will exist on our planet for up to 1000 years.

To produce “disposable” yet indestructible materials at such quantities is irresponsible. Unless we dramatically reduce the production and disposal of plastic items, we will severely and irreversibly destroy the oceans, wildlife and the health of future generations.


‘Plastic-Free Me’ is a network of volunteers, passionate about protecting our planet. As keen SCUBA divers, we often saw first-hand the damaging effects of plastic on the oceans and wildlife. Frustrated by the amount of disposable plastics available in day-to-day life, we created a simple Facebook page to raise awareness of the issue. Our first event was “Plastic-Free Feb” whereby people would pledge to give up a certain number of plastic items for the entire month of February. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and it whet our appetites to start thinking bigger.

Today, although still small in the world’s eyes, our momentum is gathering. We are still just a volunteer-led campaign, but we are reaching out to wider communities with our passion and ideas, and little-by-little the message is spreading. We create artwork, organise events and engage local organisations in the fight against disposable plastic. And we want to do more.

‘Plastic-Free Me’ is for everyone. Whether you make big changes or small changes; every single person’s contribution counts. Join our work today and become a more plastic-free you!


Our Mission:

To spread awareness of the global plastic crisis, and create a network of like-minded people, passionate about protecting the planet from plastic.

To empower individuals to reduce their disposable plastic consumption through social media, artwork and outreach events.

To work alongside consumer outlets to support their customers, and make plastic-free living more affordable, obtainable and sustainable.

One of our campaigns includes Plastic Free February. This was our first campaign – why not join us this February and ditch plastic bags, coffee cups, plastic straws, plastic bottles? Take ACTION here.

Plastic Free Me are partners on the Yorkshire Life Aquatic’s “Human Aquarium Uk Exhibition” which is taking place in Leeds in St John’s Centre February 15th -29th – join them for workshops, talks and lots more.